…of our 50 States Challenge, that is.  Many states have gone unclaimed, partly because Amazon will not disclose the states in which the donors reside. We’ve got 18 days until the challenge officially closes. Maybe we’ll be able to add a state or two between now and then.

There are only 9 days left until our next giveaway.  This month promises to be a tasty one as we celebrate ATXAHH’s five year anniversary.  Our pool of volunteers includes a handful of talented bakers who are bringing homemade treats to share with those who stand in our line.  After the giveaway, volunteers and donors are welcome to join us on the Central Market cafe patio as we partake in some more tasty treats and little something else (insert intentional vagueness here). Please come indulge yourselves in good conversations and good eats!

If you’re stumped on what to donate for this giveaway, we are short on travel size tissue packs, hand sanitizer, lip balm and travel size lotion bottles.  As always, we’re happy to take other items as well. Just contact us and we’ll arrange for pick up.

Hop on FaceBook and Twitter to enjoy the flashback posts we’ve shared so far this month. Next month, we’ll take a more personal look at our fantastic volunteers.  Until then…keep spreading the word!  We appreciate it!

Beware! The End is Near!

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