Hi folks!  Did you catch our month-long Behind the Scenes series on Facebook and Twitter?  The last photo was posted on July 31st.  If not, here’s a collage of what you missed. You’ll have to check out our social media pages to read the captions for each of them.

So what’s with the title of this announcement?  At last month’s giveaway, we had some requests for gently used body towels.  If you have some with a little life still left in them, we’ll gladly put them in good hands. Please make sure there are no holes or tears in them.  If the towels are on the worn side, most local animal shelters accept them.  We’ve also seen an increase in the need for backpacks and duffle bags.  If you have some of those in good condition (no broken zippers, etc.), we’ll distribute them, too.  And, as always, we accept the basic items.  Just contact us to arrange a pick up.

some of the items we’ve received in our 50 States Challenge

If you know someone outside of Austin who wants to help, direct them to the Amazon Wish List on our 50 States Challenge page. One of the good things about donating to ATXAHH is we can now issue receipts for donations (retroactive to June 8, 2014). If you’d like a receipt for tax purposes, just make sure we have your email address and one will be sent to you at the end of the month. One of the great things about donating to ATXAHH is the fact that you’re helping people. One of the FANTASTIC things is that you’re doing good for goodness sake because, as the Humanists of the Palouse say, “Good works in non-mysterious ways.”

Wash, Rinse, Repeat…and Dry!

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