Let us be a part of that green sliver in your summer plans. Do something AMAZING by donating to our summer giveaways. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. We’ll send a volunteer to your door to pick up the items.

Here’s the tried and true list of items we always accept. Looking to go a little beyond amazing?  Consider donating some toilet paper rolls (2 ply is kinder on the backside), sunglasses or water bottles…but not the cat. 
While you’re browsing the Interwebs and staying cool indoors, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds. This month we’re running a Behind the Scenes series to show you what’s involved in planning our monthly events.
If you want to be EXTRA amazing this summer, join us at the next giveaway on National Lollipop Day, July 20th.  Sing it with me…
We’ve had lots of positive feedback about gathering at the Central Market patio so we’ll do that again this month immediately after the giveaway. If you have another location we should try out, say the word. It needs to be easy to get to from the giveaway location, have a place for the adults to gather and something to keep the youth volunteers entertained.
Do something AMAZING this summer!

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