Our giveaways just keep getting better and better. In the span of 45 minutes, we distributed items to 130+ people. Huge thanks to all our donors and volunteers for their time, effort and passion.

If you don’t already subscribe to our FaceBook or Twitter feeds, now would be a great time to hit that Like or Follow button. Throughout July, we’ll feature a Behind the Scenes series that showcases what happens in between giveaway dates.

We’re wasting no time in preparing for our next giveaway. Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 20th…National Lollipop Day!  Since one of our goals is to have fun, you’d better believe our youth volunteers will be passing out lollipops next month.

We make it a point to listen to people as they walk through the line because they often have suggestions as to what is needed. In addition to the things we regularly distribute, we heard a lot of requests for the following items:

  • shoes (gently used, both men and women)
  • toilet paper (2 ply, it’s kinder on the backside)
  • personal first aid kits (Psst…Target has them for 97 cents each in the travel bins or DIY)
  • insect repellent (spray or cream)
  • new socks

Got some items to donate? Contact us and we’ll arrange a pick up!

June 2014 volunteers. Wish you were here. Maybe next month?
small deeds = great results

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