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IT’S NO JOKE! Our next giveaway is just 2 weeks away on Sunday, June 22nd, at 9:00am.  This page will take first-timers to a map of where we set up. If you’re bringing donations with you, please look for 2 volunteers standing near a pick-up truck. They’re designated to accept and log your donations before setting them out for distribution. If you can’t join us but have items to donate, drop us a line so our Donations Coordinator can schedule a pick up.

Some suggested donations include:

  • gently used backpacks that have been thrown in the closet now that school’s out
  • sunglasses and hats of all kinds to keep the harsh summer rays out of peoples’ eyes 
  • unused notepads/journals/spiral notebooks
  • pens/markers (no pencils since they require constant sharpening)

More ideas can be found on our Donations page. If you’re handy with a crochet hook or knitting needles, you can donate handmade washcloths via our Gettin’ Knotting Knitting Guild. Their next gathering is at 7pm on Wednesday, June 11th, in the Arboretum Barnes & Noble cafe.

ROADTRIP!  Summertime brings travel for many people. Now’s a great time to collect those travel toiletries from the hotels and put them aside for our giveaways.  If your itinerary takes you near Chicago, you may want to check out the Foundation Beyond Belief’s first Humanism at Work National Conference next month.

YOU ASKED, WE DELIVERED!  We’ve had several requests from people who want to wear t-shirts as a way to promote awareness about ATXAHH. We’re pleased to introduce 3 designs available in 126 different styles, compliments of Zazzle. Purchase your favorite (or all three!) and let your torso do the talking. Tip: If you order a dark colored shirt, use the Customize It button to change the text color for maximum visibility.

click here to order the Original AHH logo shirt

click here to order The Gathering logo shirt

click here to order the Humanism at Work logo shirt
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