We know a lot of nice people…especially YOU!  Our donors are the reason we’ve been so successful. Every month, several of our volunteers drive all over the Greater Austin area to pick up items to distribute at our giveaways.  Want us to swing by your place? Just drop us a line!  Now that summer is upon us (and will be for the next six months), we are collecting sunglasses, hats, insect repellent and sunscreen in addition to the regular items we accept. The next giveaway is Sunday, June 22nd, and we’re collecting items now.
Speaking of nice people, let me introduce you to our new Youth Events and Activities (YEA) Coordinators: Matt and Philip.
ATXAHH has a number of committed youth volunteers who take part in our collection and distribution process.  As secular adult role models, it’s important for us to foster their compassion so it becomes an innate part of their lives as they mature. That’s where YEA comes in. At least once a quarter, our YEA Coordinators will arrange activities that enlighten and educate about homelessness and humanity in both local and broader senses.

Matt is the owner and principal engineer of Slaughter Systems, LLC. His interests include surfing, computer engineering, and social equality. In the past, he has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Caritas and some other local organizations. He loves educating kids as well as spreading the ideals of humanism.  As parents, Matt and his wife strive to be socially responsible role models for their 9 month old daughter.

Philip is the Principal Engineer and Founder of Thinkbot Solutions. He’s wanted to get more involved in youth/kids programs that have an impact on helping the community and the future of our planet.  His past experiences include time as an instructor with Little Helping Hands and as a mentor for a FIRST Tech Challenge team.  Philip and his wife have an 8 year old son who also volunteers with ATXAHH.

They’re both looking forward to coming up with some great events for our youth volunteers…and so are we! 

Nice people make the world go ’round

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