For all the parents who are now humming this tune, you’re welcome.

Our next giveaway is Sunday, May 18th.  Watch your inbox for a separate announcement as the date gets closer. In the meantime, we have lots of awesomeness to share with you.


The Beyond Belief Network awarded ATXAHH a grant. What an awesome opportunity!  The funds will allow us to supplement our inventory when donated supplies run low. Even better, we will be able to stretch the grant’s value by purchasing in bulk (travel shampoo for 27 cents each in bulk verses 97 cents individually in stores.). Thanks, BBN!


Some people ask how they can be involved if they can’t participate in giveaways. Here are several ways you can make a difference:

Spread the word. Print these handy calling cards and take them with you when you’re out and about our fair city.  Use one as a conversation starter, slip one in the door of a donor to let them know you picked up their donations, tack one to the community board at your favorite coffee shop and leave a few on the Philosophy & Science shelves at bookstores and libraries…these are just a few ways to increase awareness. Side note: Love the artwork on our cards? Artist Amy Davis Roth created it based on one of our photos. Awesome talent!

Get your knit fix.  Are you interested in knitting/crocheting?  ATXAHH has an awesome knitting guild called Gettin’ Knotty (click the name for their FaceBook page). They make washcloths for our giveaways. Their next gathering is Wednesday, May 21st, 7 pm, at the Arboretum Barnes & Noble. Experienced and novice knitters are welcome.

Invite us to talk with your group.  Our volunteers are available to talk with your group of friends or colleagues about our efforts. On May 12th, a local Camp Fire group invited ATXAHH to talk with their teen-aged members. It was an awesome conversation with lots of thoughtful questions. They surprised us by donating 70 items for our next giveaway. Thanks!

Work with our kids. We have an awesome group of youth volunteers who participate in our events. As secular role models, it’s important for us to foster their compassion so it becomes an innate part of their lives as they mature. That’s why we need an ATXAHH YEA (Youth Events and Activities) Coordinator.

All of our ATXAHH roles are 100% volunteer based, including this new position. The YEA Coordinator will arrange quarterly activities (4 per calendar year) that are appropriate for our school aged volunteers. Activities are limited only by your imagination. Some ideas include arranging tours of local organizations that provide services to people who are homeless, organizing a Valentine Making Party for our kids to make Valentines to distribute at the February giveaway, setting up a time for them to get together to prepare Halloween treat bags for the October giveaway, gathering the kids to make fleece scarves for our December/January giveaways…anything that is seasonally appropriate and will result in something special we can add to our giveaways* or any activity that will enhance their understanding of homelessness and the people affected by it. If you’re interested in this opportunity, email us.

*At this time, we do not have a dedicated budget for supplies but we’re fairly certain that will change in the near future. Until that happens, the cost of supplies can be offset by asking parents to contribute a small fee (under $5) to offset costs.

Desired Qualities:
  • Enthusiastic about secular parenting
  • Resourceful in terms of creative ideas
  • Ability to research local organizations & network as necessary
  • Solid coordinating skills with frequent access to email

Set up a collection box.  Grab an empty box, print this handy PDF sign, put it in a visible place (your office, your neighborhood community center…) and watch the magic happen.

Got another idea? We’d love to hear about it!
Everything is Awesome!

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