Be a part of our next giveaway this Sunday, May 18th, at 9:00 am sharp. We meet in the parking lot at 8th Street and Interstate 35, in the NW corner (closest to APD headquarters).  We’ll be done by 10:00 am. After the giveaway, some of the volunteers are heading to Central Market for brunch (the 38th and Lamar location).  We’d love to have you join us.
Sometimes people ask why our giveaways don’t happen more frequently. While the actual giveaway only lasts an hour, there’s a lot of action that takes place in the few weeks between each giveaway date. Our group heavily relies on word of mouth to collect donations from the community so we need that time for volunteers to spread the word via social media, neighborhood listservs, etc.  Once the word is out, pick ups have to be scheduled and items need to be collected/sorted. That takes up the bulk of our time between giveaways, especially when our volunteers are doing these tasks in addition to their full time jobs, their hobbies and other commitments.

Another reason why our giveaways are only once a month is the Keep It Simple philosophy. Volunteers can be involved for as many or as few hours as they’d like.  If a volunteer can only commit to one hour a month at a giveaway, great! Come on down! If another volunteer wants to pick up donations or join our knitting guild or solicit donations, great! If you can’t attend a giveaway at all, you can still help. We don’t place expectations on our volunteers when it comes to how often or how much they participate. That flexibility has made this group viable for the past five years.

See you Sunday!
Coming Soon…Our Next Giveaway!

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