So many things are going on that day…

…National Prime Rib Day…
…Tell a Story Day…
…Babe Ruth Day…
…and our next giveaway!
That looks more like a turkey leg than a rib in Mr. Ruth’s mouth.
Oh well, it’s as close as we could get.

Will it be your first time at a giveaway?  Go to our
About ATXAHH page and scroll down to “Where We Do It” for location details. We start at 9am sharp. It’s also nearing the end of this year’s Week of Action. All the more reason to join your secular comrades in community service. 
At the end of the day, you’ll be able to sit around the table at Rudy’s and tell your friends the great story of your successful volunteer efforts while you enjoy some ribs (You like how we tied those holidays into this post?).

And a shout out to all the good folks who like to make stuff with yarn: A volunteer has set up a FaceBook group for people who would like to knit/crochet washcloths to distribute at our giveaways. If you’re interested, check out the ATXAHH Gettin’ Knotty page on FaceBook. Look at some of the beauties that have already been created.

Special reminder to parents and our youth volunteers: The Executive Director at Caritas of Austin invited us for a personal tour along with an activity and discussion to help our kids better relate to what it’s like to be homeless.  This will be an excellent opportunity to develop some empathy for those we help each month. If you want to participate in the Caritas tour (planned for early June), contact us sooner than later so we can get you on the list. 

You don’t want to miss April 27th!

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