But it’s no joke: We’re gearing up for our next giveaway and need donations, especially travel-sized personal care items. We’re critically low on disposable razors, body wash, lotion and dental supplies. Please check your cabinets and ask folks around you if they have any they’ll donate.

Did you miss the March giveaway?  It was cold, overcast and windy but still successful thanks to the 11 volunteers who showed up.  The cool thing is 3 of the volunteers were first-timers. A cooler fact is 5 of the volunteers were under the age of 18. Way to go, youth activists!  People often ask if an ATXAHH giveaway is appropriate for a child to attend. The short answer is: yes. Our website now features some more information that will help you prepare to join us with your kids.  Check out Youth Volunteers for details (It’s also located on the tab bar above.)

Collect some donations and join us at the April giveaway.  We’re holding this month’s giveaway a week later than usual so we can be part of the Week of Action. All the more reason to join us on Sunday, April 27, at 9am sharp!

No foolin’…we need donations!

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