Exciting News Brief: Austin AHH has teamed up with Foundation Beyond Belief’s Beyond Belief Network (FBB’s BBN).  It’s a non-profit organization created to focus, encourage and demonstrate the generosity and compassion of secular humanists. What does this mean for us?  We submit monthly activity reports to earn “points.” Those points put us in the running for things like free logo t-shirts, invitations to apply for grants, and more.  Another huge perk: They help promote our events.

Join us at our next giveaway to show we care to make a difference in our community.

Sunday, February 23, 2014
9:00 am sharp (be there or be the uncle of an ateles geoffroyi)We meet in the 8th Street parking lot, under the Interstate 35 overpass, in Downtown Austin. We set up in the northwest corner of the parking lot, closest to police headquarters.

The big day of the next giveaway cometh!

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