Hi folks!  Just a quick post to stay on your radar.  Make plans to join us for our next giveaway on Sunday, February 23rd, at 9:00 am. We’ll gather in the 8th Street parking lot under I-35, in the northwest corner of the lot. Everything will wrap up by 10:00 so get there on time!

If you can’t join us but have donations, contact us via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page and we’ll get you on the collections schedule.

Our challenge to you:  In the next 2 weeks, share this website with someone and encourage them to subscribe to the updates. The more people who know about us, the better it is for our group and even better for people experiencing homelessness. We have to cast a wide net to catch a few fish donors and volunteers!

If you’re looking for more frequent communication, check out our FaceBook page where we try to post a tidbit each week.

Until then, check out this HuffPo story about how homeless people access shelter coast to coast.

Coming soon: the February 2014 Giveaway

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