Look at that beautiful gaggle of volunteers.  Today was another successful giveaway. Ten volunteers distributed toiletries, books, snacks, clothing and accessories to roughly 65 people experiencing homelessness in Austin.

We were asked, “Where’s your fellowship? Where do you meet?”  The answer: Right here! Once a month! That got me thinking about our group’s dedication.  We manage to make these events a success despite the fact we don’t see each other in the 29 or so days that separate our giveaways. As Joe says, “Teamwork!” Every person brings something to the (literal) table (Heck, someone even brings the tables!!) and it all works out.

Several people in line wanted to know more about our group and asked if we had any literature about AHH or atheism. Nope. We specifically go out of our way to not preach the Gospel of Non-Belief. By the looks and sounds of the other groups setting up in the parking lot, they get enough of that.


One gentleman walked up to our table to strike up a conversation about Madalyn Murray O’Hair (Every good atheist should know she founded American Atheists right here in the good ol’ ATX.). Another person commented “Athiests aren’t that bad after all!”  but the winning compliment of the day was “Thank you for not trying to tell me about Jesus!”

An unexpected highlight was an interview request from Geo, a UT School of Social Work student. Nice! In the meantime, we’re going to take a short break before gearing up for March’s giveaway (March 23rd for you early birds who want to mark your calendars.)  You’ll hear from us again in about a week.

Geo interviews Bryan.
(He’s been a volunteer for over 2 years!)
A Most Excellent Giveaway

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