Join us for our next giveaway to be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014. We’ll meet in the 8th Street parking lot under I-35. Find us in the northwest corner of the lot (closest to the APD headquarters). The giveaway starts promptly at 9:00 am.  You’ll want to be there on time because we’re usually done in less than an hour.

Read about how you can help on the Get Involved page. First and foremost, we’d love to see you there.  Can’t make it but have items to donate?  Contact us via the tab at the top of this webpage or directly to atxahh at gmail dot com and we’ll schedule a volunteer to collect your items.

Last but not least, share this site with your friends and subscribe to our updates (also on the right side of this webpage).  Announcements will conveniently land in your Inbox.

Thanks for all the help, interest and support!

Mark your calendars! February 2014 Giveaway

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